Frequently Asked Questions

How does this site get its news? automatically reads the RSS feeds of popular drifting and car culture websites. All new articles they post are added to the database to keep users up-to-date with what is happening around the web as it's published. So instead of checking all those websites separately and trying to find the articles that interest you and not miss anything, you can get a complete overview right here at Not only that but offer's it's users the possibility to add news manually. That way you will never miss something interesting!

Which sites is following?

I'd Like to say every drifting and car sites with a decent RSS feed, but no doubt I will have missed some! A list of website feeds (referred to as sources) and some detailed information about them can be found on the right side of the page. If you think that I have forgotten about a site let me know by requesting a new feed.

Can I submit news myself?

Of course! So long as you are logged in you have the ability to add a link to an article and submit it to the site's database. Just go to the submit article page and fill in the form.

What are kudos and why should I give them?

You should give a kudo to an item that you find interesting to read. A crappy story should get a negative kudo. This way other users can get an idea which items should get their attention and which one shouldn′t. To make things even easier the stories with the most kudos submitted during the past 24 hours are displayed in the top5. This makes it even easier to find the most interesting or popular articles of the day.

Can everybody give a kudo?

Yes, everybody can give kudos. However if you are not logged in your vote counts as a half kudo. Therefore if you wish to promote a source you like or a particular article then you best get signed up!

How can I signup?

That′s pretty easy. Just go to the register page. It takes 5 seconds** to signup! ( ** Actual signup speed may vary depending on typing skill or IQ level.)

How can I get in contact with you?

That′s also very easy. Go to the contact page and fill in the form.

Who coded this site?

Well I (FlikstRR) have worked on in its various forms for well over a year, working on Alpha version's of the feed aggregator in mid 2010! However development suffered with several work and drift related commitments getting in the way and when I did have time to work on the site, most of the focus was on the (soon-to-be-released) massive statistics database.

Luckily I had a massive boost to the news & article zone by a friend of mine who had already built a site soley based on news aggregation, on a seperate subject. So we struck a deal meaning I could half the time needed to finish the feed development, make some improvement's and customisations and get really stuck-in to the statistics side of things!

Technology wise, all of the seperate 'zones' of the site and (luckily) the RSS aggregation code supplied by ipestz, is built using the Zend php framework coupled with various other languages and tech;s including the jQuery javascript framework, CSS3 and HTML5.

Where did you get your icons from?

All icons are either bespoke designs by myself or the open-source icons from which are used in the News & Article Zone.

Why did you code this site?

Thats a rather big question.. but i can generalise by saying this:

I built this site because I truely believe that in order to grow as a sport drifting needed a site where drivers, fans, sponsors, the press and many more could delve into the statistics that surround competitive drifting and learn more about the competitive history and the drivers that made drifting what it is today.

Statistics are such a powerful part of every major mainstream sport. Statistics make up a HUGE part of any sport's history and provide so much power to anyone who takes the time to look. It'd provides clarity to all the atheletes involved and can open doors to bigger things if you have the statistics to PROVE you really are the Drift King!

I also new that with all the great content out there in the drifting world and its surrounding car culture with editorial sites, event coverage, driver blogs, fan-run mini sites and more that it was jsut getting to a point where it was too hard to keep up. The drifting fan needed a 'basecamp' - is that home. So that's when I began work on combining these elements to make this idea a reality. will never be able to do everything I want it to do with just me behind the (proverbial) wheel, I will have to try and expand and figure a way of making this site as great as it should be, but for now, I will see how far I can take the site and I hope to give something back to the sport that I love so much and that has provided me with many great times and wonderful memories..