Like the Pheonix..

After many years of neglect for many a reason, a sudden resurgence of enthusiasm and motivation to get back to making this project and to finish what i (barely) started has occured. This means that already considerable time has been spent on the site and it has had all the errors fixed and returned to the basic functioning state when it was it was thrown to the side, however now the real fun begins and it will be slowly but surely be upgraded and improved in line with the original goals, but using a fresh approach.

The current initial focus is to introduce any and all new sources that are popular around the car culture/drifting scene, bring the events calendar up to date, filling in all missing events in the archive and then to add the current upcoming calendar.

From that point onwards there will be a development blog posted here outlining whats being developed and any planned new functionality, followed by descriptions of the functionality on each feature launch.

Consider these blog entries as 'patch notes' going forward

Phil Maclachlan

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