Welcome to TheClippingPoint.com

Well after more time in development than I would like to admit, TheClippingPoint.com has been opened to the masses in it's initial guise for all to use. I hope you find the site easy to read and navigate around and that the site becomes as useful to you as I believe it can and should be.

There are several tools, hints and a guided tour to help you learn your way around and become familiar with THeClippingPoint.com's article & news zone. Addidional zones will be added in time, but for now hopefully there is enough functionality to keep you amused!

Feel free to leave any feedback, constructive critisism or feature requests via the contact form, I will read them as soon as I can. I will be adding new source websites as I find them or as they are suggested as well as some new features to aid source selection and article navigation.

Additional developments that are in the pipeline will be documented via entries here in this blog for all to see, hopefully showing you guys commitment to improving the sites features. Smaller improvements or bug fixes may just get implimented or just have a quick update post here.

So yeah.. welcome and enjoy!
Phil Maclachlan



6 years ago #1
Loving the site design.


6 years ago #2
Cheers man, appreciated.


6 years ago #3
Great site, great idea.


6 years ago #4
Brilliant concept, will save me a lot of time.

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