What is TheClippingPoint.com?

This site is a place for everybody to keep track of everything that is going on in the world of drifting and the cultures and lifestyles that surround it. The site is designed to keep track of the RSS feeds from any and all relevant websites. We are always looking for the best and most popular content so you don't have to. All new articles published by these websites that aren't already saved are added to TheClippingPoint.com's database and is displayed on the front page. That way you, as an drift fan or general car lover, do not have to keep revisiting all those great websites yourself, instead you get a overview of all new content on ONE page and can select those that interest you the most instantly! But wait... there is more!

User Submissions

Even though the site follows' multiple interesting and popular websites it's possible that you will find an article that should be included in our database or a source we need to add, so there is an option for users to submit articles or suggest sources. Just click the relevant link in the footer and fill in the form and it's done! When submitting a new article the other users will then give their feedback regarding the submitted content. If it's a popular article and the source of the article is not already listed, then we will add it to our list!

Kudo system

On TheClippingPoint.com, everybody can give kudos (positive or negative) to articles. A kudo is a compliment/sign of approval. That′s how it is meant to be used on this website too. A user checks an article and decides whether or not this article deservers a kudo. Logged in users get a full vote, guests on the site get just a half vote. By giving kudos you tell other users what you think of an article. Is it worth a read? Give it a +1. Should someone else avoid this article give it a -1.

We even keep track of the most important articles of the day. This is represented in the 'Current Popular Articles' list on the homepage. The top articles with the most kudos, added less than 24 hours ago are combined with source popularity and then added to the list. This makes it even easier to see which articles you should read, not just the ones last published. This is especially useful when you don′t have that much time and just want to keep track of the most important happenings in the world of drifting and its culture.

I welcome any and all feedback/criticism & suggestions regarding TheClippingPoint.com's functionality, so please use the contact form to get in touch. Thanks!